stainless steel angle iron weights bar price

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stainless steel angle iron weights bar price

    Product Description

    stainless  steel angle iron weights bar price

      Steel Angle (iron angle), hot rolled from the heating boiler and shaped with vertical angle 90 degree and normally length in 6m/ 9m/12m.

        According to shape difference,we distiguish mild steel angle bar from equal and unequal. Equal angle has same width and specification in width A* width B * thickness. For example :50*50*4mm, means width A is 50mm, width B is 50mm, and thcikness is 4mm. We also always named specification 4#(No.4) .Hot rolled equal angle size from 2# to 200# .Unequal angle has different width and specification in width A* width B* thickness. For example:75*50*6mm,means width A is 75mm,width B is 50mm and thcikness is 6mm.

        According to heating technology ,Finished angle has hot rolled & normalized.

       Steel angle bar can be made into pressure structural bracket based on different size and grade, and also can be made into connector between structural beam. Angle steel is widely used in building and project area, such as house building, bridge building,electrial tower building, ship building, industrial boiler ,bracket and stock warehouse and so on.


    Item namestainless  steel angle iron weights bar price
    shapeEquilateral Angle Bar
    the mild steel plate will used in home appliances construction, machinery manufacturing, container manufacturing, shipbuilding, bridges, etc.
    MOQ22 Ton
    Lead time7-15 days

        Steel angle size:

    stainless steel angle iron weights bar price

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