API 5L/5CT oil casing pipe

  • Introduce:High tensile strength Anti-corrosion High temperature resistence High quality
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Ton/Tons
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union
  • Delivery Detail:Shipped in 45 days after payment

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API 5L/5CT oil casing pipe

    1. API oil casing pipe / line pipe/oil pipe

    2. Finish: black paint for this kind of steel pipe. 

       It can be bared, 3 layer PE coated for inner or outer, FBE for inner or outer , and EPOXY CARBOBITUMEN in order to corrosion prevention.


    3.Packing: in bulk or with your detail requirements

    Product  Name

    API 5L/5CT oil Casing pipe

    Outer Diameter


    Wall thickness



    ISO 11960:2004

    API Specification 5CT

    Weight Per Meter Plain End



    Nominal Linear Mass T&C



    Mass Gain Or Loss Due To End Finishing



    Type Of Pipe End Or Couplings

    Casing Will Be Furnished Threaded And Coupled, 8-Round Short Thread (STC).

    Mass (weight) determination

    a)     We will response for weighing the pipe to determine conformance with mass tolerance.

    b)    Threaded-and-coupled pipe may be weighed with the couplings screwed, provided proper allowance is made for the mass of the couplings.

    c)     Threaded-and-coupled pipe shipped without couplings will be weighed with thread protectors if proper allowances are made for the mass of the thread protectors. But weighing of a pipe is not mandatory.

    d)    Each length of casing will be weighed separately


    a)     The masses determined as described above will conform to the calculated masses as specified herein(or adjusted calculated masses) for the end-finish specified on the purchase agreement, within the tolerances stipulated in next blank.

    b)    Calculated masses shall be determined in accordance with

                  M= (Mpe *L) + em


    (1)        Mis the calculated mass of a piece of pipe of length L, in kilograms (pounds);

    (2)        Mpe is the plain-end mass, in kilograms per meter(pounds per foot);

    (3)        is the length of pipe, including end-finish, in metres (feet),

    (4)        eis the mass gain or loss due to end-finishing, in kilograms (pounds),Here it equals to 13.97kg or 30.80lb.

    Tolerance Of Weight

    a)       Each Pipe -3.5%~~+6.5 tolerance will be allowed

    b)      Total Weight -1.75 will be allowed

    Tolerance Of Outer Diameter



    Pipe threads, gauging practice and thread inspection conforms to the requirements of API Spec 5B. Pipe ends shall not be rounded out by hammering to secure conformance with threading requirements.

    Workmanship of ends

    a)      The inside and outside edges of the ends of all pipe will be free of burrs.

    b)    The threads have shown a tendency toward adhesive wear, or galling during make-up and breakout. But their galling resistance may be improved by surface preparations



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