Nichrome-fechral Resistance Heating Alloy Wires

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Nichrome-fechral Resistance Heating Alloy Wires

    Introduction of heating alloy wire: 


    Resistance Alloy Wires is used for electrical heating element. Xingtai produced high-resistance

    electrothermal alloy products for the high-purity, low impurity resistivity stability, temperature coefficient

    small, superficial body Sexual good, and the higher intensity and high temperature performance and good

    processing may welding nature steels varieties specifications complete. Widely used in metallurgy,

    industrial stoves, household appliances, machinery and electronics manufacturing industries do heat

    resistance material.


    1.FeCrAl Electrictrical Resistance Heating alloys with high electrical resistivity, temperature coefficient

    of resistance is small, high operating temperature. good corrosion resistance under high temperature,

    and particularly suitable for use in a gas containing sulfur and sulfides, low price, it is widely used in

    industrial electric furnace, household appliances, far infrared device ideal heating material.


    FeCrAl type:1Cr13AI4, 0Cr21AI4, 0Cr21AI6, 0Cr25AI5, 0Cr21AI6 Nb, 0Cr27AI7Mo2 etc.Series electric

    flat belt, electric fire wire



    2.Nickel chromium alloy with iron resistance electrothermal high resistivity, surface body sexual well.

    At high temperature and high intensity, and a good performance and processing may welding nature

    widely used metallurgical, electrical, mechanical components and electrical manufacturing industries for

    doing heat resistance material. Ni-Cr Type:Cr20Ni80,Cr15Ni60, Cr20Ni35, Cr20Ni30, Cr25Ni20 etc.

    Series electric flat belt, electric fire wire.


    Product size:


    wire dia.0.05—12mm; flat strip thickness 0.03—5mm,flat strip width0.2—500mm.


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